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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 16, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: before the clippic opened, more than 500 families were in line. >> i just never experienced anything like this in my life. standing in line like this for medical care. >> it was a bit of a wait, but well worth it. >> reporter: this follows a response for baltimore city's first public h1n1 vaccination and a new report from the cdc, calling the illness an epidemic and reporting alarming deaths morning children. the agency said it's the largest number of deaths since the pandemic began. >> it's very important. >> children are dropping like flies. i have diabetes. i needed to get it. >> reporter: most maryland's counties are planning public clinics. baltimore county scheduled six more dates through early november. >> i'm just going to keep trying again until i get it. >> reporter: the elderly are
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not a primary risk group and also wjz has just learned that the state has only received about half the number of doses of h1n1 vaccine as they thought that they would have by the point. sally? >> mike, thank you. stay with wjz for coverage. for a complete look at the guidelines, log on the arrested, man and a woman behind bars after a murder in granite. wjz is live in towson. kelly mcpherson has the latest on the murder of lamont blackston. >> reporter: the report says the killer stole his grandmother's van. that van led police to the shooter and an accomplice. on tuesday, this luxury home in granite turned into a crime
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scene. county police arrested two of the four suspected connected to murdering blackston. the key piece of evidence was the getaway van that police spotted in the morning. it tags led police to 27-year- old james tanner be his girlfriend, terell spencer. tanner is accused of shooting blackston. >> they were rummaging through, look for thing. we're not 100% sure what they were looking for, but detectives, as they've gone about the investigation, believe the motive is probably robbery. >> reporter: from the beginning, be police said blackston was probably targeted. his 4,000 square feet home is down the street from a former raven. >> first reaction, shocked. >> when mr. blackston got home, they accosted him at the door and went into the house. i don't believe they were followed.
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they knew about what time or just sat in the area until they saw him. >> reporter: blackston's wife was in the home during the murder. she says at least two other masked men were with tanner. police don't know their identity. spencer is charged with accessory and conspiracy to murder. police say she tried to erase some phone contacts in her boyfriend's phone. reporting live from towson, kelly mcpherson, wjz eyewitness news. >> kelly, thank you. now the woman charged in the case is held on $150,000 bail. the man is held without bail. a small explosive device on an mta bus. the police need your help. look at the surveillance photos. place are looking for the two men. it happened october 2nd at lafayette in liberty streets
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downtown. call mta police. the sentencing of a dc woman is on hold. banita jacks was found guilty in july of killing her daughters, 5 and 16, and living with their bodies for months. she was facing life in prison, but now her attorneys are asking to investigation the fact that jacks refused to use the insanity defense. a survey conducted at the request of the mayor asked residents about the likes and dislikes. pat warren is live on federal hill. hi, pat. >> reporter: hi, kai, hello everybody. this survey will allow mayor dixon to determine where resources need to be spent. where to spend and how much? questions about the budget prompted the mayor to ask residents. >> no one has ever done a
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survey of citizens and really find out firsthand what people feel we're doing as the city government, what they feel the priorities need to be as far as services, customer service. >> reporter: survey says, public safety is the biggest concern. most feel safe in their own neighborhoods. >> i like the sense of community and having neighbors that look out for you. that's all inclusive of community. >> i think this overall, people feel in their neighborhoods and communities that they feel safe. but they don't want us to lose station, that public safety still has to be a priority in the city. >> reporter: quality of life issues figure prominently in budget decisions. residents rated recreational activities as fair to poor and job availability and overall cleanliness. >> rats was an issue.
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>> reporter: those that used the library raved about the staff and availability of materials. >> anything you want to know. >> we've been called the best kept secret in the city. we don't want to be. >> reporter: in fact, among residents concerns is that people don't think highly enough to have city. nearly 75% would recommend their neighborhoods to friends and family. >> it's not so much the city itself, but the people outside don't see it for what it is. >> reporter: now, 1812 people were surveyed. that may not sound like a loot, but plenty. reporting live from federal hill, i'm pat warren, now back to you live on television hill. well, dreary skies and light rain lingering across the baltimore area tonight. a live look outside. will the rain continue through the weekend in bernadette woods
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and tim have more information. >> sally, a cool day and wet day out there. not the one we expect on this time of year. we set record today. here's where the rain lingers. from the south, in this case, right here, more of a solid rain once again. not a drizzle, moving through sykesville and will continue to the northeast. more where that came from. into the weekend and continuing through most of the weekend, unfortunately. along with that, a coastal flood advisory in effect. the coasts are going to be running higher than normal. localized flooding is a possibility and along the beaches tomorrowment wind gusts, possibly 40, 45 miles per hour. here's tim in the outback. >> we have had some records approached today. and once we broke.
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take a look at the numbers. first off, we'll talk about the average high for the day. 67 degrees, nowhere near that. but today's high? 43 degrees. that breaks the record for the lowest high temperature recorded if the date, 52 back in 1940. we've broken it away by seven degrees. we typically don't have these types of days, but that's why we have the highs lows. it averages out. it's because of the high pressure to the north, and that rain that bernadette shows you? getting a combination of that. the cold, dreary mist, it's going to be with us for at least the next day or so. bernadette will have the updated forecast coming up. >> thank you very much, tim. looking for a win. the baltimore ravens have lost two games and are hoping for a win on the road in minnesota this weekend. mark viviano is live.
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>> hi, kai. ravens fans feeling nervous about the losing streak thing, but in talking to the team, i sense focus on the vikings. who might be the best team in the nfl. during a week of work in owings mills, the ravens confronted concerns. coming off a loss to cincinnati, in which the offense had just one touchdown and joe flacco, two interceptions. the defense allowed the late touchdown that capped a 4th quarter comeback for the bengals. losing two in a row is a bummer, but the ravens aren't done. >> we haven't done it. but we are still the same team as we were and i think everybody feels that way. i mean, we still -- i don't feel good about losing two in a row, but the coaches have confidence in players, the players have confidence in coaches. >> we have things to work on right now even if we were 5-0.
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we're 3-2, games is that close. we have things we have to work on. >> reporter: it's on to minnesota, to face legendary quarterback brett favre, a future hall of famer, who just turned 40 years old, but looks effective in the latter years of a long year. >> 19 years, 20 years? man, he's been playing almost as long as i've been born. that's neat. but he's great. >> brett favre, his lore is big. and i think we have a ton of respect for him and i think it's a cool story to tell when i'm old and i can say i played against brett favre. right now, the next quarterback. >> reporter: ray lewis will be going against brett favre and lighter in the wallet. a major fine handed down to the linebacker today. >> we look forward to that. you can see the ravens go head to head with brett favre this sunday at 1:00 p.m.
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right here on wjz 13. should be a good game. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00 today, frantic calls, a family fears the 6-year-old son floated away in a homemade balloon. hear the dramatic calls. request denied. casey anthony accused of hilling her 2-year-old daughter. the ruling a judge just made in the case. i'm suzanne collins in waverly. people are concerned because one person has died and four others have become sick from legionnaire's disease. the latest on that investigation, coming up next. will rain put a damper on the weekend in the updates forecast with bernadette when we come back.
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hundreds of senior citizens attend a meeting about legionnaire's disease. an outbreak that's killed one
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and sickened others. suzanne collins report, they have many concerns because the old herly are especially vulnerable. >> reporter: the first female victim died october 5th. then tuesday night, four others tested positive for legionnaire's disease. this woman's parents have both been hospitalized in the past few days with similar symptoms. >> if we would have known that the disease was going on, we could have told them to look for it. >> reporter: the seniors apartment asked us not to show their faces. the health department is looking for the bacteria's source and why there might have been a delay in reporting the disease as required. >> hopefully through media coverage by this, we can let people know they need to report it right way. >> what's going on with the investigation? >> we're continuing to investigate and determine what
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the exact source of legionnaire's was. >> reporter: surviving victims, some still sick, are being questioned. what did they do and is there a link to contaminated water? this disease is not spread person to person. instead, you get legionnaire's disease by breathing in little beads of water with the bacteria in a mist. don't hand wash washes and no showers until a source can be found. >> i suppose you can't get in a tub have to use the shower. >> reporter: the state health department wants to get involved. >> we want the look at every water. places aside from the apartment complex. >> reporter: the hospital that confirmed the cases says it did follow state law and reported the cases promptly. kai? >> suzanne, thank you. remember, wjz is always onment for more information, log on to
5:17 pm all right, if you're waiting for snob get home from work right now, let's look at the roads. christy, the wjz traffic control. >> oh, it's a wet one, not going to be a quick trip for them. if you are on the harrisburg express way. delays in both directions. northbound from swan to belfast. no improvement on 95. a second delay from t highway to the fort mchenry tunnel. the beltway struggles all the wade around. on the inner loop, one accident. also, another 20 minutes from charles street to hartford. and northbound 795, continues to crawl along from the beltway to owings mills boulevard. as far as accidents go, north castle at mcelderly.
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here's a live look at the congestion at baltimore national pike. this brought to you by the radio city christmas spectacular, featuring the rockets. they will be there december 17th. tickets on sale now. back to you. >> thanks. the story captured some attention. a helium balloon flew away from a colorado home and was believed to have a 6-year-old boy inside. tonight, the frantic 911 call the family made. rich johnson has the latester. >> the heenes were frantic when a homemade helium balloon flew away. they called 911. >> we looked everywhere, my son is terrified. he said he went inside. we had each other. it wasn't supposed to take off. >> reporter: at first, the 911 operator was confused. >> it was an experimental
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plane? >> it's a flying saucer. >> it's a flying saucer? >> yeah. >> reporter: but she realized the situation was urgent. [ indiscernible ] >> okay. >> reporter: the faa was notified. then the national guard. falcon wasn't inside when the balloon came could be. turns out, he was in the garage the whole time. some are questioning whether it was a publicity stunt. the sheriff's department isn't closing the case just yet. >> with something of this magnitude, we have contacted child protection services. how, we asked them not to engage in discussion with the family until we had the opportunity to reinterview them tomorrow. >> reporter: the family insists this was no hoax and are overjoyed falcon wasn't on the wild ride. >> police are saying the boy
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simply thought he was responsible for the balloon coming untied and hid because he was afraid he'd be in trouble. take this opportunity to do chores inside the house. we're buffering you up for the forecast here. 42 degrees rice now. that's close to the high on the day. a average is 67 degrees. some areas of rain, we expect to remain in the forecast. we'll have that when we come back.
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okay, so bernadette woods is like ms. sunshine. for her to be bummed out really tells you how sickening it is. >> it's not the best. i want to prepare you. get the book, the hot soup going again. take advantage of that this weekend. the first warning doppler radar. areas of rain out there. the trend is going to continue on and off into weekend here. it's part of the second storm moving along the coast. and some areas and show you
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where the rain is coming down more solidly. it's now left sykesville. owings mill, going to continue to the northeast, butler and hereford. where you don't see that, also areas of drizzle out there. we'll switch it over and show you from earlier today. the same trend, continues on. in the northwest corner, the blue that's going on in pennsylvania, four to sixinches of snow around the penn state area, in addition, it's going to keep the coastal flood advisories in effect for the overnight. along the western shorings, the the next high tide will be higher than normal. along the beaches, the same thing, but wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour with the storm system. here are the temperatures, the other part of the story, most
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of us in the 40s. 30s in oakland. has creeped up to 57 in ocean city and that's purely because the walter is so much warmer than the air out there. that's bringing up the temperatures a lit. 43 topped out today. the record low high temperature on the day? 52. we shattered that. that trend is going to continue through the weekend also. here's a storm from the south to the north. taking generally a coastal track here. that's going to keep the showers overnight, all day tomorrow and even sunday. with that happening, some small craft advisories in effect through the whole weekend. bay temp, 62 degrees. warmer than the air temperatures this weekend. the 40 for the low. periods of rain and drizzle out there, tomorrow, the same add, only topping out at 45 degrees. on sunday, also in the 40s there. so that's why we just want today prepare you. >> okay. >> consider us prepared.
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still ahead on news wjz eyewitness news at 5:00 -- a racist on the loose and residents are on edge. i'm andrea fujii, that story coming up on wjz eyewitness news. i'm alex depee trick. the lives that have changed. that story as wjz eyewitness news continues. happy anniversary, sally. >> thanks, kai. >> not you! yellow cab, an important milestone. the taxi service that makes sure you get to point a and point b.
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it is 5:29, 42-degrees and pretty sickening out there. welcome home everybody, happy friday. here's what people are talking about tonight. a man hunt is on after a woman is raped inside her own home. police are offering a $1,000 reward to help catch the suspect. andrea fujii spoke with residents of the tiny community on edge. >> reporter: many residents of marriottsville have lived here crime free. >> i was surprised. it's a quiet road. no problems. >> reporter: but thursday morning, on thompson drive, the victim was home alone when the man knocked on the door. when she hoped it. he barged in a gun, raped her and left without stealing anything. >> we're looking into the possibility of that this could
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have been random or that the victim was targeted. >> reporter: either way, residents many of whom wjz informed about the crime are now scared. >> more extra precautions, my wife stays home most of the time. very concerned. >> reporter: this area is really secluded and the houses are spaced far apart. the victim told police the suspect was wearing dark clothing spa ski mask. average build and unknown race. >> anytime a report of a rape, it's concerning. stranger rape, even more concerning. in howard county, we don't get many of those. >> reporter: they'll look at the private homes a lot differently until the suspect is caught. >> there's trees and you can hardly see. it could be anybody, you know. hiding in the trees or bushes or something, watching what's going on. >> reporter: the victim was taken to the hospital. she has no serious physical
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injuries. reporting live, andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news, back tow. >> if you have any information, the number is on your screen. a stalls bury woman who lured a man to his death has been sentenced to 22 years in prison. dorman was convicted of luring a man to her home where two men beat him back in january. a panel of maryland lawmakers are urging and looking into the legality of death penalty protocols in the state. they're calling into question the drugs and the level of training required for people who give them. excuses have not been allowed since 2006 when the state's highest court ruled against them. the florida mother accused of killing her her toddler
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daughter is in court again today. >> reporter: the judge ruled today that a motion filed by anthony's attorneys did not meet the requirements for dismissal. prosecutes say she is behind the death of her daughter, caylee anthony. last week, prosecutors released more evidence of the murder. lawyers for casey say they will bring forth evidence. >> anthony has pled not guilty. it was a mass murder that made headlines around the country. alex demetrick reports. >> reporter: october 16th. 2002 came with steady rain and
5:33 pm
shocking loss. car nell and angela dawson burned to death after their home was fire burned by a drug dealer. >> those of us that saw seven people perish because they would not let a drug dealer sit on their steps, want to continue to have some understanding that this is a commitment the city of baltimore made and continues to make for the dawson family. >> reporter: murdered because they stood up to drug dealers in their neighborhoods, the dawson's home was replaced by the safe haven community center. >> even if the parent is not there, thank god we have this center that has adults. >> the dawson family were a phenomenal family committed to the community. you can see and feel the commitment that people made that they were not going to allow, that their deaths be in vain. >> reporter: the first memorial, saw the dedication of the garden. it's grown and so have the
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children helped by the safe haven center. >> stay out of the streets. go to school. >> the role models are not people out in the streets. but then, as i kept coming and experienced more stuff, it showed me that bad things aren't good ♪ >> reporter: in this part of baltimore, life makes a stand just as the dawsons did. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> the dawsons center serves 45 students five days a week. 90% of the students made the schools honor's roll. the cable network that runs "jon & kate plus 8" is suing one of the parents in maryland. tlc filed a breach of contract lawsuit in the a montgomery
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county court today. it alleges he is getting paid for other appearances. the discovery channel which owns tlc is in silver springs. a big step forward for loyola university. the school's leaders discuss what it all means. things look the same, but it's behind the scenes where big changes have been happening. >> already a very strong foundation, very fine programs, we have a strong undergraduate program. >> reporter: dr. peter morrell says in august of 2008, the education department also expanded. >> instead of growing up to agings to a full-fledged school of education. >> reporter: that involved a specialized curriculum. >> innovating urban education
5:36 pm
and schooling. >> reporter: loyola wants to train its teacher candidates to work in urban environments, like with baltimore city schools. >> how do we design the schools and design the practice to deal with the achievement gap in baltimore and beyond? a focal point will be the center for innovation and urban education. that will be loyola's think tank for research. america's greenest campus contest. the school recognized for the efforts to raise awareness. maryland had the highest number of students, faculty and staff participating. more than 2200 signed up to reduce the carbon footprint. they want carbon neutrality by 2050. time for a quick look at stories in tomorrow morning's
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edition of the "baltimore sun." stories behind the art with the new research center and the terps are back on the court for maryland madness. for all the stories and more, read tomorrow's "baltimore sun" and look for the updated forecast. the oldest surviving cap company in the united states, the 100th anniversary. mike schuh reports that yellow cab starts in baltimore. >> reporter: 100 years old and proud of it. >> taxis, the only unsubsidized form of transportation. >> reporter: why yellow? >> it it would distinguish itself and be ready available if a distance. >> reporter: yellow is celebrating 100 years. >> been nice working for yellow
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cab. the employees, they treat you nice. >> reporter: 100 cabs will be downtown this weekend. >> people, looking at the car, really amazing. >> reporter: that's just the point of leading the parade. >> what we want to celebrate is the rich history of yellow cab. >> reporter: there are 600 cabs in baltimore. the franchise spread. >> the yellow cab in chicago founded by hertz. >> reporter: in baltimore, five million passengers a year depend on it. >> they say it's roomy! >> reporter: in baltimore, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. a 10:00 a.m. parade next thursday. expect to see the parade of all the historic and current yellow cabs next thursday night. it's part of wjz's continuing community
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commitment, this sunday, get a free prostate check from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at bethe l ame church. can she save horse racing? rachel alexander is done for the year. why the industry has high hopes when she comes back. chilling video. a baby is run over on a train platform. i'm bernadette woods in for bob turk tonight. our exclusive forecast, that when we come back. if but first, the report from
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welcome back everybody. looking outside, it really does tell the story. the temperatures? chilly to go along with it. you can't see those, but you feel them when you step outside. oak, the forecast for tomorrow and the weekend. we're going to see more of the same on and off areas of light rain and drizzle may be picking
5:43 pm
up to a moderate rain at times. the wind may pick up, but the temperatures don't go much of anywhere. for the rest of the five day, some improvement coming our way, we're going to go to tim. >> sunday and beyond. there will be some improvement. looking at temperatures getting up to wow, a whopping 46 degrees on sunday. then, some improvement later in the day as the system pulls out. temperatures gradually increase, 58, 66 and 70. the overnight lows in the low40s. the energy saver tip of the day. checking the insulation in the attic may be effective. 20% of the homes built before 1980 are well insulated.
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go to who knew that there was a calculator? go to and click on our special section on the home page. back to you. a dramatic rescue in san diego where a window washer is stranded and pulled to safety. the suspension basket got stuck. a firefighter had to rappel from the roof. he was strapped to a harness and lowered to the ground without injury. tracking video out of wisconsin, a car smashes into a fitness center, then the driver and passenger get out and try to push the suv back outside. the mother was so mad, police had to physically restrain her from her own son. no word o on charges. two florida men are arrested of council members were discussing whether or not
5:45 pm
to privatize the city sidewalk when the men began yelling at each other. it escalated into a fight. the 51 and 76-year-old men began pushing and shoving each other. >> when you have that type of situation occurring, a -- not sacred ground -- but a revered chamber where you try to exercise professionalism, to have it break out if fisticuffs, just uncalled for. >> both for arrested and taken to jail. released or night on bond. in arizona, a horse has to be rescued after falling into a hole. a horse fell hind first into the hole. work crews pulled the horse out. the horse appears to be fine. the rider, no medal treatment. the superstar filly rachel alexandria has one more race coming up. but for now, she is cooling her
5:46 pm
hooves at churchill downs. the filly is carrying the hopes of the entire industry. >> reporter: "it" girl of horse racing, bubble baths and pedicures. after electrifying the track with nine straight heart pounding victories, rachel alexandra is on vacation for the rest of the year. >> it's nice for her to relax a little bit and not have the constant pressure and buildup. >> reporter: she will be back nec year at a 4-year-old and sames can't wait. >> i'm telling you. >> reporter: like when she beat the boys at the preakness and ran away with the mother goose stakes. and finally, the biggest test -- winning against older males in the woodward. where she boosted the crowds at saratoga nearly 40%. >> it's an inner strength.
5:47 pm
they know how to win. >> reporter: the racing world is hoping that some of her magic rubs off on the industry, that has fallen on hard times. both attendance and betting have dropped sharply. this worries the fans. >> the race is exciting and it's the cheapest form of entertainment that i know. >> reporter: tragedies like barbaro have taken a toll and so has competition. so much is riding on rachel. >> it gives the sport star power. >> reporter: nicknamed alexandra the great, she's got a breeding date to deliver the next generation of champions. karen brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> rachel alexandra has won races in six states became the first filly to win the preakness this past may in 85 years. check for wjz eyewitness
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news at 6:00. vic? >> hi, kai. a man accused of killing a guard at the holocaust museum in dc. spreading fast, more people are getting sick and dying from the h1n1 virus. more on the chilling numbers from the cdc. more on these stories on all new at 6:00. it's a parent's worse nightmare. >> imagine your child is in trouble and there's nothing you can do about it. >> in australia, a baby in a stroller roled off a platform and got run over by a train, leaving the 6-month-old's mother helpless. fortunately, the train driver hit the emergency brake. only bruise on the head. i don't see how that's possible. >> you don't. eyewitness sports is next. this is mark viviano.
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the nfl hit ray lewis hard with the fine. the yankees are loaded with experience and talent. a baseball playoff preview, when wjz eyewitness news continues. did you know that 75% of growing kids
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don't get the recommended amounts of calcium and vitamin d? that's where their favorite cereals like trix and lucky charms can help. general mills big g is the only leading line of kid cereals that has both calcium and vitamin d in every box. check for this banner on the cereals they already love... like cinnamon toast crunch and cocoa puffs. help them get more of what they need with general mills kid cereals.
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all right, mark, with sports. we go into the weekend. mark has news about ray lewis. not unexpected here. >> not unexpected. the league cracked down on injuries to quarterbacks, anyone? a defenseless position. he unloaded a big hit in the bengals loss last sunday. $25,000 fine lewis. one, for kicking an opponent, the other is the hit on chad ochocinco. a blow that knocked the receiver's helmet off. the league wants to protect players in a defenseless position. lewis didn't comment on the fine, but did comment on the hit. >> would i do it over?
5:53 pm
no. if i had to change anything, i would do it the same way i done it. never slow down my speed and the way i play the game. i never play the game to hurt anybody, but when i turn to go, i'm like missile. i'm locked in. >> we can't speak for the league, ray lewis is a good clean football player and respects the rules and always will. >> the ravens practiced indoors today. jared gaither sat out. he is listed as doubtful for sunday. the team heads to minnesota tomorrow to face the vikings sunday. look for the game here on wjz. coverage at 1:00. i'll be at the metro dome. it is sunny and warm in los angeles, that's good news for the dodgers and phillies. they're playing right now. game two of the national league championship series. phillies 1-0 0 in the 6th
5:54 pm
inning. the angels and yankees scheduled. the yankees in the playoffs 14 times in the last 15 years. they are loaded with talent and experience. >> you know, you have guys in the clubhouse that are probably going to be in the hall of fame. it's fun to see them go about their business every day and be a parking lot partover the team. >> there are guys with playoff experience. not a ring, but playoff experience. that's real important. i think it helps them prepare and relax. >> mark teixeira is playing in the league championship series for the first time in his career. he hit a game winning home run over the twins. up next hour, the terps are set to tipoff another basketball isn't that's ahead
5:55 pm
at 6:00. >> have a good trip, safe travels. bring home a win. >> still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news -- the response in baltimore county was massive as hundreds of people lined up to get the h1n1 vaccines. some even turned
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flu fears chilling new numbers of the spread of h1n1
5:59 pm
virus. hundreds line up to get the vaccine in baltimore county. while some were turned away. hello, i'm vic carter. >> i'm kai jackson in for denise koch. here's some people we're talking about tonight. demand was huge for the h1n1 vaccination clinic. some pool turned away. a new report shows the devastatings impact of the illness on children. mike hellgren is in pikesville. mike? >> reporter: vic, station wjz has learned the state has only half the numbers that they thought they would have at this point and time. the clinic here was supposed to be open for four hours today, but only an hour into the scheduled time, if you weren't in line, you were out of luck getting you vaccination. the line stretched fours as thousands turned out for the first


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